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Title: "Why Slow Burn Windscreen Tint Is the Ultimate Classy Solution for Heat and UV Protection

The ultimate heat protective tint Slow Burn ensures you don't need any dark windshields or to change the look of your car to get the best shield from heat rays at 90% ceramic heat rejection! This clear tint in sunlight gives you protection without any unneeded attention, but does have a slight red hue during cloudy conditions. Stay cool in any conditions with this tint with your own style!

Slow Burn is a product created by the extremely popular UltraVision Film. Why are they different from other suppliers of Chameleon windscreen film I hear you ask! Well the creation of their tints takes over 200 layers of different polyurethane materials. With the help of modern technology, the tint does not fade even in the brightest conditions.

It is made so that you could never become tired of the amazing chameleon effects that differ depending on the weather, lighting, and angle of view. This tint also provides great visibility for the passengers inside. Therefore, the "chameleon"™ name reflects the ability and tendency to change depending on its surroundings.

We have sourced a voucher code for a massive 40% this tint. Use Slowburn40 at the checkout.

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