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Factory Spec Privacy Tint, Advisory Died 15%

Adviser Dyed™




Affordable prices

Easy to install

Scratch resistant

Diminishes fading

Cuts glare

Improves interior privacy


This scratch-resistant dyed tint is a quality window tint for cars, vans, trucks, SUVs, and home use. Adviser™ has been tested for endurance, clarity, quality, fade, and bubbling. We offer a lifetime warranty for this tint and will promptly fix any issues if they arise.


An original tint with added style, the benefits of the protective Adviser™ line make it the perfect private tint for any customer. With great visibility from the interior and the perfect darkness level, it elevates your ride to new heights.



UV Adviser Dyed™ forgives almost any installer mistakes.


If dust or hair accidentally gets under the film, the tinting is usually re-done. If this issue happens with UV Adviser Dyed™ film, these defects are easily pressed into the adhesive layer, without reducing the quality of the tint.

Due to the thick adhesive, the UV Adviser™ films have a much faster shrinking and installation time compared to other film brands.

This is the staple of the tint industry. Try it now!


UltraVision Film LLC are not responsible for any legal reprucussions for the installation of film if it does not comply with the tint regulations in your region, state, or country

This tint is suitable for rear windows only.

Factory Spec Privacy Tint, Advisory Died 15%

  • We understand that receiving your goods quickly but safely is key so we make sure that your order is well packaged and is shipped quickly. If your order is placed before 12:00PM UK time, your order will be with you within 48 Hours.

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